Blog 5 Reasons How Entrepreneurs Can Take Care Of Their Mental Health While Running Their Business 

5 Reasons How Entrepreneurs Can Take Care Of Their Mental Health While Running Their Business 

For all the hard-working entrepreneurs who believe in getting things done and working around the clock to run their businesses, here’s a gentle reminder that running a business is essential, but taking care of your mental health is even more critical. It’s all great at the beginning when we are passionate about what we’re doing, but if we don’t learn to manage our time effectively and balance our personal lives with work, things can get stressful. 

The Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards conducted an entrepreneurial-focused survey and they found that nearly 58% of the entrepreneurs experience mental health issues in some form which includes anxiety, stress and depression as the most popular findings. 

Having spoken to numerous innovators, changemakers and risk-takers, we realized that entrepreneurs are very ambitious and goal-driven. They dream big and in order to achieve great things, they put themselves aside. This increases the possibility of failure or burnout. 

Here are some actions you can include while on your entrepreneurial journey that can keep you at your healthiest, and happiest and make you reach your goals faster. 

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  1. YOU are your firm’s biggest asset – Yes, you heard that right. You started this firm when it was nothing more than just a seed of an idea. You nurtured the idea and made it into a business. You set the rules and the way things operate in your firm. You laid the foundation. You are the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the business. Knowing how much is at stake if you don’t feel alright can help you realize how important you are to the firm. Not taking care of yourself can damage everything you have created. Taking care of the business is important, but looking after your mental peace is more important. 
  2. Healthy body = Healthy mind – You need to do something to release those feel-good endorphins in your body. A daily gym session, walk in the park, maybe take the stairs to your office. These things can get your heart rate up and your blood pumping in the body. It’s been proven that doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity can heighten your mood, clear your mind and provide you with a higher level of peace and clarity. Wouldn’t you want these things working in tune to help you make some of the most important business decisions every day in your life? 
  3. Your network is your mental worth – I’m sure you would have heard the phrase “Your network is your net worth.” But here’s a small, honest twist to this line. Your network also defines your mental worth, ie. how healthy you feel mental and how well can your mind function during crucial times. Maintaining a social circle that uplifts, motivates, supports and understands you can add your happiness and peace. Choosing a close circle for yourself is one of the most important business decisions and it’s a decision that entrepreneurs need to take very wisely. 
  4. Recharge your batteries often  – Another phrase very popular in the millennial world is, “Work hard, party harder.” As entrepreneurs we get carried away with our business’ daily operations, not taking out the time to take a break and relax and refresh. The world today has adopted a “hustle” mindset but taking regular breaks can help you stay sharp, creative and true to the work you do. So make it a priority to step away from emails, cell phones, TV and social media once in a while, go on staycations or just spend quality time with yourself and your family. 
  5. Outsource what you don’t know – It’s a common business 101 to outsource tasks that aren’t your core expertise or limit your firm’s productivity. In this case, we recommend that on a personal level, it’s okay to ask for help when it comes to mental health. It’s better to seek professional advice that can be more helpful than going the lone wolf way. We at Heyday respect you for your achievements and passion and we understand that the road isn’t always easy. If you feel that something isn’t right within you, and you need help, don’t ignore it. Help is available and you can use it before it’s too late.

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