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7 ways to live a happier life

We’ve come to an era where happiness is not a state, it’s a desire. Don’t we all wake up already stressed out about our day? Thinking and worrying about all the things that need to be done only to come back to bed at the end of the day even more stressed and exhausted? Living in a state of happiness is a choice and we all can live happily by doing things we love or doing things right. 

Here are some life-altering yet easy-to-follow tips that can give you more energy and help you live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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  1. Practice Optimism – Thinking positively is partly genetic, but it can also be learnt. Optimism does not mean ignoring reality. It’s simply having the ability to look at challenges in a more positive light. Google’s Chief Business Officer in his new book “Solve For Happy” very uniquely explained how happiness is equal to or greater than the events of your life, minus your expectations of how life should be. It’s simply about the difference between your expectations and your response to them. Having an optimistic attitude can solve 80% of your problems even before they arise. And as we all know, living a good, happy life is not living a life without problems. It comes from acknowledging, facing, and then transcending each problem as it comes and always staying positive. 
  2. Eat – It’s rightly said that you are what you eat. The kind of food you consume all day has everything to do with how good you feel about yourself. A typical meal should be well-balanced, which means that it should include lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy and whole grains. People often confuse healthy food with boring food, and that’s not true. You can find a lot of recipes on the internet that are healthy and delicious. So find some time to make healthy food that you love for yourself and your family. 
  3. Exercise – As human beings, we are designed to move our bodies regularly to keep fit. Our current lifestyles involve us spending a lot of our time sitting which isn’t recommended by healthcare experts. Exercise relieves stress and tension, strengthens muscles and boosts endurance, and helps your body work more efficiently during other physical tasks or activities. So go out there and move your body – go for a walk, play a sport, run with your dog or join a gym. 
  4. Train your Brain – We talked about our physical health, now let’s talk about our mental health. This comes with a bit of practice but following an easy technique of writing your thoughts down can help you stay clear in your mind and can make you feel more sorted. Instead of forcing yourself to stop thinking negatively, write down your thoughts. Then ask yourself questions to analyze the situation and judge it from a better perspective. Owning your worries is a proven way to reduce stress and feel happier.
  5. Socialize – Humans are social animals. We need to interact with others and associate ourselves with the people around us to live happily. A recent study done by Yale researchers found that people’s happiness depends on the happiness of others with whom they are connected. The closer we live to happy individuals, the happier we feel. Each additional happy friend increases your chance of happiness by about 9 percent. They also found that there are three main levels of human happiness. In other words, happiness is influenced (or can be influenced by) friends, friends of friends, and friends of people who are friends of friends. Making friends, nurturing relationships and building a social circle you like will directly impact your happiness quotient. 
  6. Sleep – This one’s a favourite for a lot of people. The true definition of sleep in today’s world is getting good quality, undisturbed sleep for at least 7 hours daily. Prioritizing sleep is one of the best things you can do to set yourself up for a successful, energized day. Poor sleep patterns cause mood swings, irritation, lack of focus and motivation and also affect mental health. Therefore getting quality sleep is a healthy habit many people need to improve. In today’s world, it’s more of a necessity than anything else. 
  7. Repeat – The last tip is all about being consistent. As mentioned earlier, happiness is a choice and it’s essential to create good habits and do those things over and over again. Life is all about balance and following these simple tips can make your life more meaningful, satisfying and worthy. Being happy is the greatest form of success and it starts with your actions.

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