Blog 7 Ways You Can Use Social Media To Feel Better

7 Ways You Can Use Social Media To Feel Better

Social media apps and their algorithms have been designed and adapted in a way that makes users scroll more and more and be on their platform for as long as possible. This has given rise to several human problems including social media addiction, anxiety due to fear of missing out, feeling of loneliness and if simply put – more drama.

It turns out that emotions expressed on social media can affect your mood. Exposure to social media has been called “emotionally contagious” and can even affect your mental health. On the internet, a lot of research and information has been shared about the downside of social media, but what the negative findings seem to overlook are the many positive effects social media has on its users.

Here are some oft-overlooked ways you can use social media to boost your mental health:

  1. Build a better feed – The things and the content you see has a direct effect on how you feel. If your social media is filled with positive, uplifting, motivational content, you are bound to feel happier. Building a positive social media feed is a very conscious decision and it’s the first step that can easily fill you up and remind you of the very real joy that exists in your life and in the greater global community.
  1. Inspire healthy lifestyle changes – Social media can be used as a motivational tool for achieving healthy lifestyle goals such as quitting smoking or going to the gym regularly. Sharing a goal on social media and posting it regularly promotes accountability to others, creates positive reinforcement from friends, and promotes an online “social support system.” Research has shown that this also helps you stay focused, greatly increases your chances of success and stays happier.
  2. Be a part of the community by Joining Local Meetups – There have been an increasing number of social media initiatives to form communities of like-minded individuals and promote in-person meetings. For instance, Twitter has a feature called Tweetups, which are face-to-face meetups that are organized online involving people with similar interests. Facebook events are another example of how Facebook users plan and organize social events. Another example is, one of the most popular and widely used social media websites that is the go-to place to connect with local organizations, groups, and clubs, or to network with people having similar interests.
  3. Share experiences – The more you make social media about yourself, the happier it will make you feel. By this we mean that social media is a perfect outlet for your creativity and self-expression. When you use social media as a means to share instead of a means to consume, you will feel in a better mental space because of the feeling of achievement and being productive.
  1. Strengthen existing relationships – This one’s an obvious one but not many these days make the most out of it. Social media has narrowed the geographical barriers
    helping help manage relationships, especially with those who live far from each other. Research has found that by developing existing relationships on social media improves social well-being and gives a feeling of belonging. Rather than increasing isolation, social media has provided alternative ways to find support, even help lift depression, and as Meetups have shown, provide a healthy excuse to go out rather than being locked up or fixed to a computer.
  2. Seek or offer emotional support during tough times – Being there for other people on social media makes you feel empowered. On the other hand, asking for help has become easier as people feel more comfortable talking to someone they don’t know. It makes them feel that they won’t be judged. More people than ever are opening about their mental space on social media. There are increasing resources and people you can connect to on social media who can help you feel better. We at Heyday have always put people first and our social media channels are always open to help you with your needs.
  3. Follow positive accounts – Lastly, following positive accounts can reduce the amount of drama and controversial news you come across on a daily basis. You probably have heard this – “Like, Share, Subscribe” a million times. It’s time we like the good things, share positive information and subscribe to accounts that help you discover (with care) sources of valuable information and learning. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram for content that will educate, inspire, motivate and make you feel happy.

Social media isn’t harmful or beneficial in itself, but its manner of use is the determining factor.

As per a Harvard study, “The findings suggest that as long as we are mindful users, routine use may not in itself be a problem. Indeed, it could be beneficial.” It’s time we find our authentic selves and prioritize our wellbeing online.

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